RainDrops (2017)

Lil Sae is going to be releasing his third mixtape on March 20th, 2017. In hopes of getting noticed in his limited time career, before leading up to the NBA. This is his last mixtape, the next playlist he drops will be a studio album with Metro Boomin. In this new mixtape "RainDrops", Lil Sae is explaining life, in a gangster rap type way. This mix already has three singles in it . Including "DoJo", "No Trust", "Trilogy" . In his song "Trillogy", he has a collaboration with his homie 24 Savage. The mixtape mean a lot to Lil Sae because it is his debut mixtape. In which he talks about, living the trap life, money, women, fast cars, and having it made.

To Infinite (2016)

To Infinite is Lil Sae's second mixtape which released, December 25th, 2016. He had- and still does- have high expectations for this album. This album includes at least 5 hit singles in it. this mixtape includes his best song "Trappin' Hard". In this mixtape Lil Sae just wants to have fun. You can tell that he is having fun by his songs, "Litty", "23", "Soda", "Trap God", and  "Back To The Future". "Back to the future" was the original name for the album until Lil Sae used the back to the future movie logo, and then he though was going to get sued for having the name, and the logo for the cover. So about a week before the mix dropped, he changed it to "To Infinite" , to avoid lawsuits. 

Sae Is The Answer (2015)

Sae Is The Answer is about making it. In this mixtape he has his first collaboration with 24 Savage a rapper also from Indiana. This mixtape has 11 tracks in it. Including is four hits: Stacks (Feat. 24 SAVAGE), Party Time, Or Nah, and Spaceship. In this mixtape if you pay close attention to the lyrics, Lil Sae specifically talks about making it big. This is his first ever mixtape (as you can see from the year above). Lil Sae work hard on this mixtape. when the mixtape was done he didn't release it until four months later. Other artists had many comments on this mix. Lil Uzi Vert said, "This mixtape is a piece of mastery and to be extremely noticed, and put on a platinum record one day, Lil Sae, props to you dog". And even 21 Savage and Lil Yachty had something to say , "This mixtape is just astonishing", said Lil Yachty. "I don't know man this album is so good I might even buy it, hahaha."